September 2015

We are proud to have two new Dan grades! George Hammond and Marcus Frontera passed their 1st Dan black belts after a gruelling weeks training on the Wado Academy summer course in August. Both performed well in the grading at the end of the course and got their deserved award. It was a particularly tough grading, as they were the only two who were taking the test and had to perform the whole syllabus pretty much non-stop. It's fair to say both were very tired come the free fighting at the end and both will have slept well that night. Well done guys...plenty more to follow we hope!

Pictured is George on the left and Marcus on the right, with their instructor Corin Pegden

Farnham Karate new black belts 


September 2015

On Sunday 6th September 2015, the Farnham Karate Academy will be moving to its fantastic new dojo at Weydon School gymnasium in Farnham. The hall is just a minutes drive from our current venue at Farnham Memorial Hall, which has been another great facility over the past 15 years. We have to move as the hall is being extended and upgraded as part of the Farnham town centre plans. We would like to thank Anne Hitchman, who runs the hall, for her help and efforts in supporting us over the past 15 years. The address for the new venue is

Weydon School, Weydon Lane, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8UG. We hope to see you all there!

Weydon school karate


November 2013

Sensei Arthur Meek came to the Farnham dojo in October 2013, to teach traditional Wado Ryu, to raise funds for Shiomitsu Sensei during his rehabilitation. It was an excellent course as always and we were supported by many local students, who came to learn from Sensei.

Arthur Meek Farnham Karate


November 2011

Congratulations on the following brown belt successes: Alex Bitner and Raymond Montgomery 3rd Kyu. Thomas Fox, Odhran Lawless Quinn, Peter Quinn, Joseph de Perycave and Brendan Richards 2nd kyu.

Brown Belt Grading Success

November 2011

April Kingman won gold at the recent Wado Ryu national championships in Bristol in her first ever tournament.

Haslemere club student April Kingman, won a gold medal at the recent Wado Ryu national championships in Bristol, in her first ever tournament. April competed in the mixed kata section and despite her nerves, performed exceptionally well. Well done to her from all at the clubs.

Special mention should also go to Marcus Frontera who gained silver medal in the kids kata section, narrowly losing out on gold in a split decision tie break. Marcus competed in a field of over 60 students, so must take huge credit. Marcus is also a great fighter, although again just missed out on the kumite medals on the day.

Another mention goes to Ollie Fox, who won 4 of his first 5 fights, but once again, lost out on a bronze medal in a split decision tie break.

Sensei’s Shiomitsu and Arthur Meek Course

August 2011

New kids class starts at Farnham on Sunday 11th Sept at 9.30am. All welcome from 6+ years; contact 07876 577675 for more details.

August 2011

Students from the clubs recently attended the Wado Academy summer course in August in the New Forest. Sensei’s Shiomitsu and Arthur Meek led the six day course, with training lasting for 4 hours a day, plus early morning runs. The course was superb and all students are encouraged to attend these seminars.

Sensei’s Shiomitsu and Arthur Meek Course

July 2011

National Squad Training ImagesThe latest Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy national squad training took place recently in Farnham, Surrey on Sunday 17th July. Around thirty members attended from all over the country and it was really good to see Joe Bale of Budo-Juku back with the squad after his considerable time in Japan.

After the warm up with head coach Peter Hill 6th Dan, assistant coaches Matthew Soanes 4th Dan and Riaz Ahmed 3rd Dan took over and put everyone through their paces with the kata Chinto. After a short break all three assistant coaches Leeroy Ellis 5th Dan together with Matthew and Riaz taught various kumite skills and drills.

To finish the session quite a number of practice matches were held and this also allowed for some referee and judges practice.

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National Squad Training at FarnhamForthcoming: July 17th 2011

National Squad Training at Farnham

We are hosting the next National Wado Ryu squad training session at Farnham on Sunday 17th July.

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July 3rd 2011

25 students trained with Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan Hanshi, on Sunday 3rd July. The seminar was an inspiration to all who attended and Sensei will be back at Farnham hopefully later in 2011.

25 students trained with Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan Hanshi, on Sunday 3rd July.

June 2011

Sensei Shiomitsu, 9th Dan Hanshi, is teaching at the Farnham club on Sunday 3rd July at 10.30am. This 2 hour seminar is open to all serious karate students who want to learn from a real expert.

Sensei Shiomitsu, 9th Dan Hanshi

June 2011

The next national squad training is being held at the Farnham club on Sunday 17th July between 1-4pm. Please see flyer for more details.
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May 2011

Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan Hanshi brought a special guest with him to Haslemere on his recent visit to the club.

Sensei Hajime Takashima 9th Dan was one of the 3 Japanese instructors, along with Sensei's Tatsuo Suzuki and Toru Arakawa, who gave the first demonstrations of Wado karate across the UK and Europe in 1964.

Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan Hanshi &  Sensei Hajime Takashima 9th Dan

May 2011

Aldershot club instructor, Graham Hopkins, was recently awarded his 5th Dan by Shiomitsu Sensei.

Graham has been training since 1975 and obtained his 4th Dan in 2004, from a grading panel headed by Wado Ryu Grandmaster, Hironori Ohtsuka. All associated with the Surrey Karate clubs would like to congratulate him on his achievement.

Graham Hopkin 5th Dan

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