Winter Course with Grandmaster Otsuka III

The annual Wado Academy winter course was held in Guildford in late February 2020, with the 3rd Wado-Ryu Grandmaster, Hironori Otsuka III over from Japan and instructing for the week. It was a superb weeks training and focussed on connected bodies and compression tnp release energy and create power. Over 300 people came to train [...]

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Safeguarding code in Martial Arts awarded!

The clubs have achieved the prestigious safeguarding code in Martial Arts award this week, after a huge amount of work from a couple of club members. Our gratitude goes to them and the award shows we take the safeguarding of ALL students seriously and have correct procedures in place. We are the only clubs in [...]

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Wado Academy New Years training seminar

Over 60 students attended the seminar hosted by our Farnham dojo. Thanks to Sensei Arthur Meek 8th Dan & Sensei Peter Hill 7th Dan for the first class instruction. The theme was "get sweat", a favourite saying of Shiomitsu Sensei and sweat everyone certainly did! Everyone was able to socialise afterwards at a local pub [...]

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Promotion to 8th Dan of Sensei Arthur Meek

M. Shiomitsu 9th Dan Hanshi, Chief Instructor of the Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy is pleased to announce the promotion of his Assistant Chief Instructor Arthur Meek to 8th Dan Renshi. This is after examination and scrutiny on 17th October 2019 at the Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei headquarters in Japan in front of Grandmaster H. Otsuka III and [...]

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Wado Academy Instructors course

Our Farnham club hosted the 2019 Wado Academy instructors course, attended by over 60 association senior grades. It was taught by Sensei Arthur Meek 8th Dan, on behalf of Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan, who turned up to watch some of the training and observe proceedings. The session was a mixture of sweat and technical breakdown [...]

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Winter Course details

The Wado Academy Winter course will be running at the Guildford Spectrum, from Saturday 23rd - Weds 27th February inclusive. The booking form provides all the details; it's open to both members and non members and we encourage our adult students to try and attend at least part of the course. Sensei Meek and Sensei [...]

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Wado Academy New Years training

The Farnham dojo hosted the Wado Academy New Year's training session on January 6th 2019. Taught by Sensei Arthur Meek 7th Dan, on behalf of Shiomitsu Sensei 9th Dan Hanshi, almost 70 students came from clubs across the UK to participate. training was intense and sweaty, with an emphasis on good training spirit and improvement [...]

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Wado Academy instructors course

We hosted the Wado Academy instructors course, the first since Sensei Shiomitsu had become ill in 2012. Almost 60 students traveled far and wide from across the country, superbly taught by Arthur Meek Sensei 7th Dan. We covered some of the combinations, Tanto Dori and pair-work within the grade syllabus, giving everyone food for thought. [...]

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Last training session of the year!-Xmas

Thanks to everyone who has supported the clubs over the course of 2018. We have held a couple of local kids tournaments; hosted the instructors course; invited some fantastic guest instructors to the clubs, such as Arthur Meek 7th Dan, Sensei Tran 7th Dan and Wayne Otto OBE; had a weeks training with Hironori Ohtsuka [...]

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